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Do you just want a website for your business? We provide you with both solutions. At Smooth Digital we believe that the most important thing is to listen to the customer and find the right solutions. Website design for your business is essential in these days. The website is the mirror of your business. It is the first place that your potential customer or partner will look to find information about you. That's why it's important to have a website with easy browsing. Your website also needs to have an ideal design that makes the user experience easier. It is also important that the professionalism of your business is radiated. Times have changed. Before someone cooperate with your business, or before a customer buy a product, will study for you. If you provide him with the right information on your website with the ideal design, the chances of cooperation increase. In a website we pay a lot of attention to the menu. It should contain the main information that a customer wants to look for. Below we will analyze what are the menu fields that we usually use in designing a website. Firstly, we will analyze what the Home Page should contain. The home page should contain a slider that displays images related to your business. For example, if you are dealing with Real Estates you should display images with houses that send the user to the appropriate links. For example, if there is an image with the title contact us for a quotation, the link will lead to a contact form. Your main services or products should also be displayed on the Home Page of your website. The services will include a summary. The summary will briefly describe this service and will have a link that will lead to a comprehensive analysis of the service. It is good that the services are accompanied by the appropriate icons or images to attract the user's interest. Another thing that is good to include in the Home Page of your website is a Slide Show from your portfolio. This will contain your most important jobs and collaborations. This raises the prestige of your business. By designing your website, we are building the showcase of your business. It is good to highlight the advantages of your business and emphasize your professionalism. Another way to achieve this is to display your customers testimonials. These will be displayed on the Home Page and there will be a link that will lead the user to the website of your partners - your customers. The About Us page is also a must-have in your website menu. About Us contains a series of pictures of your business and your business history. The first few paragraphs cover your business history. Later the services and products of your business are analyzed. On this page you can also include your team members and your clientele. We can also create separate pages that include this information when designing the website. The Frequently Answered Question page is also essential in website design. This page contains frequently asked questions and answers. This enables the user to get answers to their questions. So, he will answer several of his questions before contacting you by phone or through the contact form. You can also use this page to highlight the benefits of your business. Finally, a Contact page is required. The contact page includes your business details such as address, telephone numbers, faxes and your email. It is also ideal to add a contact form. If you want when designing your website, we can add a map where the user can click on it to navigate your business through Google Maps. When it comes to designing mobile apps, we can make your idea a reality. We create the ideal design of mobile applications that offers the appropriate experience to the users of your application.

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