Of course! We have more than 10 years of experience in online shop development. We can develop an online shop for your business, that meets your needs and is user friendly.

Whichever suits you. Expertise exists for all platforms on the market. WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento and everything else on the market. We will suggest which platform is ideal for you, but the decision is yours.

Of course! This applies to the front-end as well as the back-end of your online store. Certainly the cost goes up but with this option your online shop will be cut and sewn to your needs. The control panel will be perfectly adapted to your needs without additional options that you do not need and may confuse you.

First of all, it is much faster than an online shop with a ready-made content management system. This will help in promoting your online shop through Search Engine Optimization. The reason is, that Google's search engine likes speed. Also, the custom online shop is perfectly adapted to your needs. This way, it will not contain any extra tools that you do not need.

Certainly! The code is 100% ours. So our developers can customize it and add whatever you need later.

Something that could be characterized as a disadvantage is the develop duration. To create a custom platform you need several meetings to have the ideal result. Also, programming from scratch is something that takes a lot of time. Delivery time can be from 1 month up to 6 months. Always according to your needs. Therefore, the development cost will be higher as more working hours will be invested for the result. Support and maintenance costs are equally high, as we need to devote more time to completing these tasks.

We will guide you in this. You do not need to worry about that. We have the experience and with the right questions we can find out your knowledge level in computers. Also, depending on the time you want the online shop to deliver to you, we can suggest the appropriate one

Absolutely! This can apply to all platforms. The know-how exists and we are always ready to serve you to the fullest. Even if the tool we will use is not exists, we can develop one for you. Always in collaboration with your software developer.

This has to do as part with the development of your online store. More specifically, it has to do with how "light" - fast the online store is. But it has more to do with Search Engine Optimization.

Yes you can. The cost and delivery time of such a project has to do with the type of platform you want to connect to. The number of online stores you want to sync is unlimited.

Search Engine Optimization is a series of processes performed to get a website to the top results of the search engines.

It does not worth it. To have an effective Search Engine Optimization service it must be implemented on your website, or in your online shop for at least 4 months. The time period always depends on the competition of the keywords that correspond to your business. It also depends if you have competitors that already use Search Engine Optimization for marketing.

Based on surveys, 8 out of 10 users choose organic results over Google ads. This has to do with the credibility and prestige that your display on organic results gives to your business. At first, control your budget using Google Adwords may seem like a good idea. But your return on investment (ROI) will be very low. So you will not have enough revenue from this advertising campaign. We use Google Adwords as an assistant service in Search Engine Optimization processes.

Domain name has an important role in Search Engine Optimization. But there are many steps that must be taken to get your website on Google top results. Creating Site Maps, editing titles and descriptions, editing photos are just a part of these procedures. We perform those procedures at a daily basis to have the ideal results.

There are no SEO price packages. The reason is simple. Every customer is different, every service and product is different. The procedure you follow in case you are interested in SEO on your website is as follows. You get in touch with us, you give us the necessary information and we do our research. Then 3 offers are issued. One to get results in 6 months, the other in 9 months and the 3rd one in 12 months.

Propably not. We recommend to our customers to switch to lower cost packages. But do not quit it completely. After all, when you rank on the first page of Google, your sales will increase significantly so it's not worth the risk.

Website development costs depend on many factors. First of all, is about the type of website you want. E.g. if you want to include a content management system or if you want a website you will not be able to make changes yourself. The best way to find out the cost of a website that suits your company is to contact us.

First of all, you need to contact us by phone or email. Later we will set an online meeting where we will get information about your company. An offer and a blueprint for your website will be issued by Smooth Digital after the meeting.

There are certain pages that are essential on a website. These are the following. The Home page that contains a welcome message for the users and a summary for other pages. About Us where there is a summary of your company history and information about your team. The Contact Us page that contain the contact form, addresses, opening hours and contact details.

There are so many ways. You can promote it through social networks, emails, Search Engine Optimization and more. You can "hire" Smooth Digital to do that or you can do it yourself if you have the relevant knowledge. On Smooth Digital website Blog you can read various consulting articles, which you will definitely find useful.

Of course. But if you want give the opportunity to users to make online purchases you have to go to an online shop plan. Information about the online store can be found in the corresponding Frequently Asked Questions field. For more information please contact us.

All of them. We use PHP and ASP.NET platforms. We can also develop websites from scratch. With or without content management system. Depending on your needs, we use the corresponding platform and tools.

All software developed by Smooth Digital are develop from scratch. This means that we can make all your ideas come true. Software provides solutions to increase our productivity. We can computerize various data and refer to them again with a simple search through our software.

The choise of the programming language is based on the capabilities that we want our software to have.

Of course. We can create software that are compatible to all operating systems, browsers and devices. Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, Ios, Chrome are some of them.

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